Sissonville students arrive at school with heating system down

Published: Jan. 26, 2022 at 10:20 PM EST
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Sissonville, W.Va. (WSAZ) - When Sissonville teachers and students arrived at the high school Wednesday morning, they found themselves in frigid temperatures.

Sophomore Madison Myers said room temperatures consistently in the 50s and 60s and that it made it difficult to concentrate.

“Half of the school’s building was without heat,” Myers said. “The rooms when the teachers walked in were 40 degrees.”

She said it was so cold during school that she kept her coat on the entire day.

“Everyone was sitting in class with their hoods on just kind of just trying to ignore as best as we could,” Myers said.

We reached out to the Kanawha County School District to find out more and they sent us this statement:

“Sissonville High School as a whole has an aging HVAC system and that is why they are receiving an entirely new HVAC system as part of the voter-supported KCS excess levy. They have begun the very preliminary work on the high school’s brand new system, but there are still issues with the older system. Recently, a part went out and we’re having to work to expedite the replacement.

Space heaters have been made available and the school has a plan in place to keep students in heated rooms. Students may be displaced from their normal classroom into heated locations temporarily while we wait for the part to come in to make the repair.

Parents should direct any questions to the school administrators. They will be able to help.”

Myers said she only saw a space heater in one of her classes, and she has eight every day.

“I think honestly, they should cancel school tomorrow because by the time the temperature drops tonight we’re gonna be very cold in the morning,” she said.

Myers’ father David told WSAZ after finding out what his daughter was going through he reached out to the district.

He says the district told him they were aware of the problem but didn’t tell him anything else.

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