WSAZ Investigates | Missing man’s sister speaks out after 40 days since his disappearance

Published: Feb. 8, 2022 at 7:44 PM EST
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - It’s now been 40 days since an elderly man with dementia walked out of Cabell Huntington Hospital.

WSAZ told you about Charles “Chuck” Carroll in January of 2022.

Carroll first went missing on December 30th, 2021, but he wasn’t reported missing January 6.

Since that time, WSAZ has been calling and emailing police and the hospital trying to find out, where is Mr. Carroll?

WSAZ spoke to Chuck’s sister, who emphasized about her concern for his safety and her hope for his safe return.

“My brother always used to call me Brenda Lea Lee,” said Lee to WSAZ’s Sarah Sager.

Brenda Lea Lee – the affectionate use of her middle and married last name put a smile on the face of this sister who is trying to keep the faith that her big brother, “Chuck”, will be found safe.

Chuck has now been missing from Huntington for nearly six weeks.

The siblings are separated by a seven-year age gap and hundreds of miles, as Lee lives in upstate New York.

“Because he’s always been like a nomad, I’ve never really thought much about him not being around and then popping in. That was his M.O.. The thing that concerns me the most at this point is the timeline has been too long,” said Lee.

Back in 2019, Lee says someone contacted her saying that her brother, Chuck, needed a guardian. Lee says she was discussing the matter with her family when she had a stroke that seriously affected her own health.

“I’m trying not to put myself in a negative place because I’ve not been able to do for him what I would have liked to,” said Lee.

According to Lee, she and Chuck stayed in touch. It might be three or four times a year, and from different cell phone numbers, but she says he would always end up calling.

“I can only hope he’s found somebody that he’s felt safe with and went out on the road. That’s where my brain is taking me. I don’t want you - not you personally - to give me that phone call that he’s gone. I really don’t want to hear that,” said Lee.

Lee is trying not to think the worst. She’s holding out hope her brother is alive.

WSAZ’s Sarah Sager asked Lee, “What do you think is the next step for you?”

“I don’t know where to turn. That’s the biggest concern that I have right now is where do I turn? I feel - other than yourself - I feel like there’s nobody trying to find him. I feel like I’m not the only family that’s been through something like this. Somebody has to help. A person doesn’t just disappear and say, ‘Oh well, they’re gone.’ No. It’s a human. I wouldn’t let my dog or my cat go out in the cold,” said Lee.

Since Chuck went missing, WSAZ has been contacting police and Cabell Huntington Hospital trying to get surveillance video that police have confirmed shows Chuck leaving the hospital.

Police have confirmed to WSAZ Chuck was last seen on surveillance video leaving Cabell Huntington Hospital about two hours after he was taken there on December 30th.

WSAZ obtained documents showing Chuck was taken by ambulance to the hospital for a fever and vomiting.

WSAZ has asked both police and Cabell Huntington Hospital for the surveillance video at least ten times via email and text messages. We’ve been told there was an encryption problem, then there was a passcode on the video, then further IT problems preventing the video from being sent.

We even offered to have our WSAZ IT team take a look to see if we could access the video, but at this point we still have not received it.

The hope in getting the surveillance video is that someone out there would recognize or remember seeing Mr. Carroll leaving the hospital that night.

“My brother for the entire portion of his adult life has always helped other people. It’s just tragic that he’s in need and we can’t find him,” said Lee.

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