Portsmouth reveals drafted new zoning map, asks for public input

Portsmouth reveals drafted zoning map, requests public input
Published: Feb. 16, 2022 at 5:46 PM EST
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PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WSAZ) - The city of Portsmouth’s current zoning map was created back in the 1940s, and officials say it is time for a change.

“As a small town, we are redeveloping our system and what we’re focusing on,” said City Councilman Andy Cole.

Cole says the current map is outdated and, in order to move the city forward, changes must be made.

“We make these changes to have zoning that will dictate where businesses can go, where residential is more popular, where you feel safe in a city and where you feel like you’re part of a neighborhood,” Cole said.

The city hired an outside firm to help create a rough draft of a new zoning map. This new map breaks down the city into nine districts: rural, downtown, corridor, industrial flex, university, medical, park/open space, hillside neighborhood, and traditional neighborhood.

But it’s not just the district boundaries that councilmembers are looking at closely. They must also decide on what city codes they believe will be appropriate for each of those districts.

“We’ll set new building codes, imagery and so forth,” said Councilman Joey Sandlin. “It’s vitally important that every property owner in the city at least look at this and get involved.”

Sandlin says they have entered into a public comment phase that will last about three weeks. He hopes that Portsmouth residents will review the proposed map, and reach out to councilmembers with any comments or concerns they might have.

“City Council wants to represent the people. I want to represent my constituents in the fifth ward, as well as all of the great people of Portsmouth,” Sandlin said.

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