Power crews prepare for anticipated outages

Cindy Wiseman, spokesperson for Kentucky Power, says they've been getting ready for a worst case scenario.
Published: Mar. 11, 2022 at 10:45 PM EST
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Power crews have been getting ready for a worst case scenario, so if a significant amount of snow does hit and causes a high number of outages, they’ll be in position to get power back on as quickly as possible.

Cindy Wiseman, spokesperson for Kentucky Power, said crews began working Thursday on prepping vehicles, filling up gas tanks, loading chains, and getting everything they need to be ready to work in rugged terrain.

“When you could get a wintry mix, the heavy wet snow is more problematic for electrical facilities rather than the lighter dry snow,” Wiseman said. “We know this storm is calling for both. It just depends when that occurs and where that occurs.”

She says close to 500 workers are on standby, ready to tackle storm restoration efforts in eastern Kentucky.

“We restore by priority,” she said. “The largest circuits are repaired first. Critical systems where hospitals are served and places like that are usually a priority, and then we work our way through the outages.”

She recommends getting your cell phone fully charged before calling it a night.

“I think people can always prepare for power outages,” she said. “The number one thing I’d recommend is charge your cell phone. That’s your best friend during a storm.”

Wiseman says should the storm hit even harder than expected, they’ll call in sister companies to help restore customers’ power.

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