Road slip to be repaired

Published: Mar. 14, 2022 at 6:36 PM EDT
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SOUTH WEBSTER, OHIO (WSAZ) - It begins with a bump in the road and a steer to the right for Jerry Moore, who travels Collier Road every day in South Webster.

A large road slip has grown over the past couple of weeks.

“This used to be flat across here, and the whole thing has kind of swopped down. If they [the township] don’t get this fixed, it’s going to take out the road above it,” said Moore.

Bloom Township Trustees Brian Fenton says the crumbling road is on the township’s radar.

Fenton visits the site of the slip a couple of times a week. Each time he takes photos to see the progression.

“It was less than two weeks ago it was a small crack that started over here on this edge,” Fenton said.

The road used to fit two mid-size SUVs on the road in some parts, but now it’s down to one lane.

Fenton said as a temporary solution the township will bring gravel in and fill in the ditch line to help reinforce the road where drivers can still access.

On Tuesday evening, the township trustees will meet with a county engineer and construction company to finalize plans to stabilize the slip.

“This meeting was scheduled over the weekend. We will get this taken care of,” said Fenton.

Moore is hopeful once work starts even the simplest of things can return to normal.

“The trash truck wouldn’t come on it today which I don’t blame it,” Moore said.

Bloom Township expects repairs to be made within a couple of weeks.

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