More customers concerned with higher power bills

Published: Mar. 15, 2022 at 6:59 PM EDT
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ELLIOT COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) - For Tessa Fletcher, when she opened her power bill, she says she was shocked.

As she looked at her most recent bill, ”it’s 132 to 140 dollars a month. That’s what it’s always has been. I mean, you never would expect to get this,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher’s usage increased between the two months, but something else changed. She was charged for a fuel adjustment clause.

It reimburses the power company for the fuel they buy to run the plants.

The FAC appears on customers’ bills for each month but can fluctuate from a credit to a charge.

In January, Fletcher received a fuel adjustment clause credit of around $8.

In February, she was charged $14.05.

As for March, her statement showed she was charged nearly $22 for the fuel adjustment clause charge.

President and CEO of Grayson RECC, Bradley Cherry, says the weather has a lot to do with the fluctuation of the FAC over the past few months.

“Back in December, our average temperature was around 47 degrees, and then coming to January for the 31 days, the average was 30 degrees. That’s a 17-degree difference, “Cherry said.

Over the past 12 months, Cherry says customers have typically been credited for the FAC, but that’s little comfort to Fletcher who said the spikes make it hard for families to plan for the unexpected.

“We only plug this thing in as we need them the television, air fresheners, tart warmers, chargers for the iPad and phones. We’re only plugging them when we need to charge them or use them because we’re afraid our bill skyrocketing again,” Fletcher said. “I don’t know if the next time we’ll have enough money to pay for it. We’re just fortunate we did. "

To help customers save in the future, Grayson RECC offers free energy audits which would improve electricity costs.

During the audit, experts recommend improvements to weatherize your home.

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