Hometown Hero | Dancing Granny

A woman who entertains children at a bus stop happened to be wearing a chicken outfit when WSAZ showed up to present her the award.
Published: Mar. 25, 2022 at 7:53 PM EDT
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BOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) - Kids who ride one particular bus in Boyd County know when they turn on Paddle Creek Road in Catlettsburg, they’re about to get a treat that their classmates unfortunate enough to be hauled on other routes don’t get to experience.

“I get excited,” bus driver Jennifer Wilks said. “This is my favorite stop.”

Wilks has been driving the route for the past five years, and nearly every day for the last two years, she and her young passengers have grown to expect unique entertainment.

Judy Kruger, dubbed the Dancing Granny, greets the kids in the mornings and afternoons with a song and dance. Sometimes she’ll pass out chocolate bars.

She began this routine when her great-grandson started riding the bus.

When WSAZ tagged along to do this story, Kruger didn’t get a heads up we were coming, and we found her dressed like a chicken.

“I had it for a Halloween costume,” Kruger said. “I put it on today just because.”

Kruger says she made this part of her daily routine simply because she loves making children happy.

The 74-year-old spent much of her life working in children’s ministries and also went on mission trips abroad.

“I hope people can look back when I’m gone and remember I enjoyed life,” she said. “I enjoyed making people happy, and I loved the Lord more than anything in the world. He gives me this so I can spread joy.”

The bus driver couldn’t keep the highlight to herself and put videos of Kruger’s impromptu performances on social media.

Kruger says she’s even been recognized by strangers in public as the Dancing Granny.

“I love that (the kids on the bus) have a good time with it and laugh and play and do it with her,” Wilks said. “She just brings so much joy to everybody.”

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