Linda Lee remembered after crash; family asks for change at Logan Co. intersection

Published: Apr. 11, 2022 at 2:28 AM EDT
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LOGAN COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Logan County deputies said Friday Linda Lee, 65, died from her injuries after a crash at the intersection of Route 119 and Old Logan Rd.

Her family said Linda was beloved. She was a hero to her grandchildren and a bestfriend to her sisters and family. She is remembered for her devotion to family, steadfast faith and love for dancing.

Her granddaughter, Kaylee Bannister said she found out while she was coming home from high school Friday afternoon. Kaylee said she dropped to the floor.

Kaylee’s ‘Nana’, Linda, was driving Kaylee’s mom to Charleston.

“I just broke down I was so scared I could lose both of them in a car wreck,” Kaylee said.

The two were driving on Route 119 towards Charleston when a pickup truck driving south, the opposite direction went to turn left onto Old Logan Rd. The truck failed to give right-of-way to the car Linda was driving and hit the drivers side, throwing Linda from the car. Linda died at the hospital. Kaylee’s mom suffered injuries.

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Linda was Kaylee’s hero and inspiration. They went to church where Linda would teach Kaylee to sing.

“I went to church and she would help me sing, I sang for her and her favorite song was Amazing Grace,” Kaylee said.

Nicknamed Kokie since she was young for climbing trees, Linda was always there for her sister and best friend, Tammy Wiley.

“She loved to have fun I have yards and yards and yards of film of us dancing,” Tammy said.

Just hours before the wreck, Tammy called Linda and like always she answered.

“She was a very good honest person loving human being that loved her lord and a great sister I mean you could not beat her as a person,” Tammy said.

Another thought burns in both Tammy and Kaylee’s mind, they are asking for change at the intersection where so many others have lost their life.

“Something should have been done about that intersection a long time ago,” Tammy said.

Kaylee is determined to help make that change in the name of her Nana, Linda.

“I want traffic lights at that intersection to prevent any other innocent people from losing their lives or their loved ones just like we have,” Kaylee said. “There have been so many people I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.”

Now eight lives have been lost at the intersection since 2016 according to reports from WSAZ .

Deputies say they are still investigating the accident for possible charges for the driver of the truck that crashed into Linda’s car.

This is a developing story, keep checking WSAZ for updates.

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