Man confesses to killing mother; victim’s daughter reacts

State Police say Johnny Dale Rogers confessed to shooting his mother, pushing her car over the side of a hill, and setting it on fire with her inside.
Published: Apr. 21, 2022 at 12:42 PM EDT
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UPDATE 4/21/22 @ 10 p.m.

CLAY COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - A man is facing a charge of first-degree murder, accused of killing his own mother in grisly fashion.

The family of Darlene Jackson, a mother of five, says she was a saint of a woman who would help anyone in any way.

“She loved her church family, and they loved her,” Jackson’s daughter, Melissa White, said. “She was a loving, caring person.”

Her son, Johnny Dale Rogers, lived with her off and on, at her home on Kanawha Street in Widen, located in Clay County.

White says her brother’s behavior had become alarming.

“I don’t really have a brother any more,” she said. “I lost him years ago to drugs. He’s never been the same.”

She says her brother has been on a downward spiral for years, and it had gotten worse in recent months. She says her mother said she was afraid her son would hurt her.

“Several times she made remarks just because he’d go on binges, you know what I mean, and not be himself,” White said. “I’d been around him a couple times and said that was not my brother. His eyes would be black, and it would be really scary.”

According to a criminal complaint, on Wednesday Rogers claimed he drove his ATV to Widen Ridge Road and discovered his mother’s car had gone over an embankment.

However, after State Police questioned him, the complaint says he confessed to shooting his mother in the head with a rifle, pushing her car over the side of the hill, and setting it on fire with her inside.

“I still haven’t woken up,” White said. “It’s a bad dream.”

White says she never imagined her brother would go this far.

“I’m still trying to take it all in,” she said. “It’s so messed up in so many ways.”

Rogers is being held in the Central Regional Jail. His mother’s remains were taken to the Chief Medical Examiner’s office for an autopsy.


CLAY COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - A man accused of killing his mother is now behind bars, charged with first degree murder.

According to a criminal complaint from Clay County Magistrate Court, Johnny Dale Rogers, 34, of Widen, W.Va., confessed to shooting his mother in the head, pushing her car over an embankment, and setting it on fire.

The investigating officer said on Wednesday, April 20, he was dispatched to Widen Ridge Road for a vehicle fire.

The officer said a body was found inside the vehicle and was told the driver of the vehicle was believed to be Darlene Faye Jackson.

The officer said he discovered Jackson’s son, Johnny Dale Rogers II, lived with his mother on the 600 block of Kanawha Street in Widen.

According to the criminal complaint, the officer went to Jackson’s home where he was met by Rogers.

Rogers said his mother dropped him off on Widen Ridge Road to go turkey hunting and that Jackson then drove to Fire Tower Road to drop off food to a woman.

Rogers told investigators he began to worry about his mother when he had to walk back to his home on Kanawha Street.

According to officers, Rogers told them that’s when he drove his ATV to Widen Ridge Road and discovered his mother’s vehicle over the embankment.

Rogers said he called his sister and told her about the vehicle.

His sister then contacted Clay County 911.

State Police questioned the woman Rogers claimed his mother was delivering food to and she told them she hadn’t spoken to Jackson in several months.

Rogers was being questioned by state police at the Clay Detachment, when he confessed to shooting his mother in the head with a .22 Magnum rifle, pushed her vehicle over the embankment on Widen Ridge Road and set it on fire with her inside.

Rogers is currently in the Central Regional Jail.

Rogers is facing first degree murder.

The recovered remains were transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for an autopsy and examination.

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