Hometown Hero | Hunter Workman

Hometown Hero | Hunter Workman
Published: Apr. 29, 2022 at 8:20 PM EDT
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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) - In a day and age when most teenage boys would be at home playing video games in their spare time, that’s not the case for Hunter Workman.

The 14-year-old uses his free time to give back. In 2021, Workman and his mom were in the car when he spotted a woman, struggling to mow her grass. While a simple task for so many, for others it’s not an easy chore to keep up with.

That’s the moment you could say got the blades turning and Workman began mowing others’ lawns with nothing in return.

“I feel really good knowing that I have been able to help people,” Workman said. He’s enlisted the help of his parents. Hunter works the push mower, mom helps him to schedule his work and dad always pitches in to take care of the weed-eating.

“I feel like I’ve raised a good kid,” said Zach Workman, Hunter’s dad. “He’s like any typical child but he has a special place in his heart for the elderly, those that are disabled and veterans.” In 2021, he mowed around a dozen different lawns. He’s done seven so far this year and has a lofty goal. “I think the goal is 50 this year,” Workman said.

Shelbie Dillon works with the Lawrence County Developmental Disabilities. Workman has mowed the grass for several of the people who utilize their services.

“We need more Hunters in the world,” Dillon said. “He isn’t greedy with his time or money. That’s a hero, just someone who comes in and helps people no matter what.” His family has traveled to areas like Greenup, Ashland and Ironton, and Hunter pays for the gas and maintenance of the equipment with allowance money and donations he receives.

He’s even faced a few setbacks along the way. At one point in his endeavors, some of his equipment was taken. His dad says it was a big disappointment to him.

“Just because he couldn’t help out anymore, well as much as he was anyways,” said his dad. “So, his mom and I went and got him a new weed-eater, and now we are back at it.”

His dad says they are starting to take on some bigger yards now, so at some point, they are hoping to invest in a riding mower. Hunter even has a social media page, called ‘Hunter’s giving back challenge,’ where his mom posts about the work he has done. That’s also where you can contact him if you need help mowing your lawn.

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