Army recruiters show students STEM opportunities

Army recruiters show students STEM opportunities
Published: May. 17, 2022 at 5:59 PM EDT
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PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WSAZ) - Army recruiters came to Shawnee State University Tuesday to show students the number of opportunities the Army has to offer other than combat.

“We have a lot of civilian applications and STEM opportunities and careers inside our over 150 job opportunities that we do have,” said Sgt. First Class Kilroy. “They kind of think, we’re boots on the ground, we’re blowing stuff up and that’s all we’re meant for, but we have a lot of other roles.”

The Army STEM truck was parked at the university. The truck has three rooms that highlight the technical advances the Army has helped with in medical and drone technology, along with what is being developed.

“It showed you a history about the Army and the technology, and how it shows you how they’re improving it. It’s pretty neat. Seems like it would save lives,” said Jaxon Collins, a high school senior.

Students learned about a search and rescue robot, SARAH (Supply Assistance Robot-Autonomous Hardware) that is being designed to help troops on the ground.

“This robot is essentially able to take actions in its own hands to help free people that are in stressful or dire situations,” Kilroy said.

In the last room, students can complete a simulation of a 2032 scenario that is managing a humanitarian crisis.

This showed students what the robot and future technology can complete.

“I learned a lot of stuff I’ve seen in physics class a couple of times,” Collins said.

Kilroy says he wants to show students they can use the Army to achieve their goals in nearly every field.

“That wheel starts turning. They start thinking this could be something I could see myself doing,” he said.

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