Two arrested in robbery; one still on run

Published: May. 19, 2022 at 7:21 AM EDT
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NITRO, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Two people are behind bars and a third is still on the run after an overnight robbery in Nitro, police said. It happened around 1:30 a.m. Thursday in the 3100 block of 2nd Avenue.

Nitro Police said three people pushed their way into a house and held two victims at gunpoint in an attempt to steal money and marijuana. An altercation then broke out between the resident in the house and the suspects, which moved outside.

Investigators said during the fight, one victim, Dustin Doughty, was struck in the head multiple times, sending him to the hospital in need of six staples. Police said one of the suspects fired their gun, but no one was shot.

“There was just a random knock on the door at like one o’clock,” Doughty said. “I went to open it, and when I opened it, there was three men with masks standing there. I tried to push the door shut, and they all just pushed in with guns and held me at gunpoint. Started asking me where my money was and everything.”

Doughty said two of the suspects then went upstairs and woke up his girlfriend, Courtney Pierce, by pushing her head into her pillow at gunpoint. Pierce said the suspects claimed they would not hurt her, but she was scared for her life.

“Next thing I know (Dustin) is coming upstairs and he is just like fighting them,” Pierce said. “We are all jumping on this guy. I bit him. I bit him multiple times. Then the other guy who had him at gunpoint came up there and started fighting him, too, so we were all fighting. And then the other guy who came up there pointed a gun at my face. I am not going to lie, I am still shook by that because that’s the first time it has ever happened to me.”

Doughty and Pierce were able to get the three suspects out of their house, and after the altercation in the street, the suspects left the area.

Police said the victims knew two of the suspects and helped them identify Anthony Robert Gillig, 19, and Justin Ray Landers, 20.

Nitro Police and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office found and arrested them a short time later in Poca. Gillig and Landers are charged with first degree robbery and are are being held at Western Regional Jail on a $75,000 cash only bond.

Anthony Robert Gillig, 19, and Justin Ray Landers, 20, were taken into custody and are charged...
Anthony Robert Gillig, 19, and Justin Ray Landers, 20, were taken into custody and are charged with robbery.(WVRJA)

“Watch your neighbors,” Nitro Police Chief Chris Fleming said. “Just watching people in your area. Sometimes you never really know until something like this happens, unfortunately.”

Fleming said it appears this robbery was an isolated incident and there is no active risk to the public. The matter remains under investigation as officers are working to identify the third suspect.

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