Man charged with murder after stabbing outside convenience store

Man faces murder charges after stabbing outside convenience store
Published: Jul. 4, 2022 at 7:33 AM EDT
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - A man has been arrested and charged with murder after police say a man was stabbed outside a gas station and convenience store Sunday afternoon.

Huntington police say Kahmal Dillahunty, 45, of Pontiac, Michigan, was arrested just before 10 p.m. Sunday on 7th Avenue.

Police say Dillahunty stabbed 36-year-old Timothy Stratton of Huntington, then Dillahunty left on a bicycle.

The stabbing happened just after 3 p.m., right by the front doors of Sheetz along 6th Avenue in Huntington, according to the Huntington Police Department. That’s at the intersection of 8th Street.

Stratton was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, officers report, and has passed away.

Cameron Combs says he stopped Sunday afternoon at Sheetz with his two daughters and was going inside to get something to eat and drink. He said he walked outside and didn’t believe what was happening in front of his eyes.

“The next thing you know, this guy is walking out and this other guy follows him and he stabs him in the back, and he’s screaming some crazy stuff,” said Combs.

Witnesses said they were shocked this happened in the middle of the day when people were walking in and out with their families, and many people were sitting outside at the tables.

“Kids don’t need to see that, my wife doesn’t need to see that, families don’t need to see that, and it’s bad. It’s crazy out here in Huntington,” Combs said.

Brandon Russell was riding by on his bike when he saw the crime scene tape and police cars in the parking lot.

“I thought somebody had been shot the way it looked,” he said.

He says it’s scary to think this happened at a place he comes everyday, making him hesitant to even go back.

“It’s bad when you have to go to the store and look over your shoulder to get in the store to keep from getting hurt or killed. Somebody could shoot you in the back walking in,” Russell said. “It could be anybody. It could be even one of us that got hurt or killed.”

Comb says he just moved here from Beckley, trying to get a fresh start.

“When you come from a city that’s already bad, especially on drugs and stuff, to a city that’s even worse it’s shocking because I didn’t think it could get any worse ,but it’s worse,” he said.

He worries for his kids’ safety

“Just the way he (Dillahunty) was acting crazy and not in his right mind, so like what if we’re walking down the street and somebody decides to come stab one of the kids, or one of us,” Combs said. “it’s just wild, kind of crazy to think about makes me want to look behind my back and over my shoulder little bit.”

Dillahunty is at Western Regional Jail. Deputy Chief Watkins says Dillahunty has been charged with murder.

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