Lincoln Co. residents balance storm cleanup with prep for future rainfall

Lincoln Co. residents balance storm cleanup with prep for future rainfall
Published: Jul. 6, 2022 at 7:11 PM EDT
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LINCOLN COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - The creek along Laurel Fork Road is normally a source of joy for Lisa Fisher and her children.

Tuesday, however, the creek became one devastation. She said the rainfall is unlike anything she has seen since she moved to the area nearly five years ago.

“Usually when it rains pretty hard we do get some minor flooding, usually it does get over the bridge,” Fisher said Wednesday.

“This time, the rain made it into our chicken’s coop it got onto the second step of our porch so luckily it didn’t get into our house.”

She said it all came down during a brief period when she left the house to pick up her children.

“It had just started to rain when I left and I knew I had to leave to go pick them up before it got too bad,” she said. “Within 10 minutes, my mom had called me and told me that I would have to find somewhere to stay for a while because I couldn’t get home.”

The storm came with a long list of damages.

“We have breakage off our banks we’ll need to fix we’ll have to re-gravel our driveway more than we normally have to and we’re going to have to fix our chicken coop as well,” she said. “Then we’ll have to replace a few of our chickens that were unfortunately lost. It’s really devastating. Our kids really love the chickens; they’re like family to us.

Fisher said with inflation affecting everything damaged by the storm, the family’s stresses are only increasing as they try to rebuild while preparing for other storms.

“We’ll definitely need to have more 2x4′s and stuff to fix the coop it definitely hurts with our budget and the cost of absolutely everything from food to even the price of chickens going up.”

She said the family is figuring out options for other storms.

“We’ve changed our mindset on where we’ll keep the chickens if it does come again we’ll move the coop up but if it does happen again we’ve had this discussion our kids come first,” she said. “You take it day by day, and you hope for the best.”

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