First Warning Forecast | Flood Watch Weekend

Any-Time, Any-Place Concern.
Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 7:01 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 5, 2022 at 12:35 PM EDT
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - It won’t be a constant rain, nor will it effect everyone all at once. Temperatures will stay in the tropical 70s by morning, and the 80s in the afternoon (except when it’s raining). We’ll be tracking plumes of rain/rumbles coming through in different pulses and waves. The ones that come across in the afternoon hours will have us most concerned about flooding, because that time-frame is one where the heating is highest and the air is usually juiced up the best. But indeed any hour of the day or night can sustain a downpour, even if it’s the only spot of rain on the map. A good rule of thumb is for a two-inch rainfall in a three-hour period of time. If your area gets that, flash flooding is likely imminent. The conditions where this is possible will exist today, tomorrow, and potentially even Sunday. If you live near a rapid-rising creek or are traveling to a similarly flood-prone area (this is especially important for campers!) you need to make sure you stay in cell service and have access to live weather data. We have a free weather app that covers all your bases.

Sunday and Monday will each still have a few scattered showers and storms in them, but the pattern will momentarily ease as a lot of the humidity eventually gets used up overhead. Our next frontal system will be coming in between Tuesday and Wednesday, and it’s that one that is currently projected to push fully through the area, effectively changing the pattern, rather than this present frontal system that will stall and wash out overhead. On the one-hand, this will be a welcome sight when it returns seasonably cool and dry air to the region; but on the other, it is often this frontal passage itself that generates problems with storms and flooding, because one of the ways it ushers in drier air is by wringing out all the rest of the humidity that remains as it passes through.

Lots of things to stay on-top of over the next several days. As always, do NOT drive across flooded roadways, and know your risks. If you live in one of these super-vulnerable hollows, the events of the past week show that even staying in your home might not be safe enough in flash flooding scenarios. We’re trying to make sure everyone is able to take charge of their situation, get the information they need, stay ahead of storms that approach, and if necessary make a difference in your plans that leaves you safer.

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