Families struggling to get reliable phone service

Published: Sep. 24, 2022 at 11:25 PM EDT
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LAWRENCE COUNTY, OH. (WSAZ) - Kathy Whifman and Thomas Cox both live on State Route 93 about two miles apart from one another in Lawrence County, Ohio.

For months, each of them has had problems with their home phones.

“Off for weeks at a time,” Cox said. “When it comes back on you’ll be talking, it’ll just cut off and go to a dial tone, or just cut off and buzz.”

Whifman said the phone problems are frustrating in an area where cell service is already limited.

“We haven’t had a house phone that worked here and over four months, it’s always in and out, “she said. “Sometimes it doesn’t work for two, three weeks at a time.”

Both said they’ve reached out to AT&T repeatedly to get their service fixed but despite getting ahold of people with the company and people coming out in the past, they’re still having problems.

Whifman said it’s not just the two of them, it’s around the entire area.

“One of the elderly ladies that’s 84 years old that lives next door, come out and flag me over to her home,” she said. “And I go over and she’s telling me that she needs to get a hold of her granddaughter because she’s really ill. And I said, ‘Why didn’t you call me?’ And she said well it’s the house phone.”

“There’s a lot of old single people in this community,” Cox said. “If an emergency arises, how are they going to get help?”

We originally reached out to AT&T Friday afternoon about Whifman’s home phone and earlier Saturday they sent us an email that reads, “Our technicians restored home phone service to this customer earlier this week. At this time, there are no other known impacts to landline service in the area.”

WSAZ is continuing to reach out to AT&T about the issues in the area.

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