Broadband expanding into Lawrence County, Ohio

Broadband expanding into Lawrence County, Ohio
Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 7:20 PM EDT
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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) - High-speed internet is something a lot of us have come to rely on, but if you live in a rural community that option isn’t always at your fingertips.

Wayne Taylor, for instance, who lives in the Aid community of Lawrence County, Ohio, works as a fiscal officer. It’s a job that depends on reliable internet, however due to poor service, he has to make adjustments.

“As a fiscal officer, I have to do certain things online and so I usually take those to work where I have high speed, because mine’s not reliable enough to do that,” Taylor said.

However, a broadband expansion allows Taylor and hundreds of other homeowners across Lawrence County to get their hands on high-speed internet.

JB-Nets Broadband Services announced Tuesday about the expansion of high-speed internet into Aid Township.

It’s part of their long-term goal of making sure homeowners in Lawrence County have the opportunity to make the switch.

The expansion into Lawrence County is being assisted through the support of the Ohio Residential Broadband Expansion Grant, as well as the Lawrence County Commission.

“For instance, people who are homebound and can’t get to a doctor-- they’ll have telehealth opportunities. People that because of COVID couldn’t work from home, they can work from home now,” said Candi Denney, who is the Chief Operations Officer for JB-Nets Broadband Services said.

It’s a milestone that has homeowners like Taylor excited for the future.

“Where I live, which is just across the creek from here, we don’t have any cell service either. So, the internet is our only outside connection besides landlines. So, high speed internet and the ability to function that way is a pretty big deal,” Taylor said.

According to a press release-- to date, as part of this expansion, JB-Nets has been able to provide wireless service in the Wilgus, Waterloo, Coal Grove, as well as South Ironton areas.

The current project will now add service to the Aid Community. Upcoming areas to be served in the near future will include Pedro, Getaway, Decatur, Pine Creek, Kitts Hill, Windsor, and Scottown.

Information about the JB-Nets company, services, and service packages can be found on the company’s website.

If you’d like to set up service with JB-Nets, call 740-446-2975.