Neighbors share water utility service concerns in Fayette County

Neighbors share water utility service concerns in Fayette County
Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 7:55 PM EST
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FAYETTE COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - The water that comes out of Marjie Truman’s faucet concerns her. She said she never knows when it could go off, and recently the problem’s gotten worse.

“It still has a kind of weird smell to it,” Truman said. ”The past three and a half weeks we have been without water, some days for over 24 hours.”

The water went out again Thanksgiving Eve and the service that covers the area, the Armstrong/Deepwater PSD posted to social media.

“Thanksgiving Eve, it went off at about 8 until late Thursday night. We was trying to cook dinner, Thanksgiving dinner with this going on,” Truman said. “And you are afraid to even use the water after you boil it because of the way it looks.”

Shannon Estep with the Armstrong Creek Volunteer Fire Department said he called Emergency Services for help on Thanksgiving when he heard about the leak.

The fire department handed out a case and a gallon of water per family.

When the water came back on, the utility service said in another social media post, the water had to be boiled.

Truman showed the water she boiled to do dishes with.

“At least two times, and you have to let it boil for quite a while because you can still see a film coming up top of it,” Truman said.

She said she is worried for her health because of the leaks in the water system.

“I have breast cancer,” Truman said. ”My doctor told me not to cook in it, not to take a shower in it. If you use it for dishes, make sure its boiled really good.”

WSAZ’s Kim Rafferty went to the office of the utility service to get some answers about the concerns. No water company officials have gotten back to WSAZ yet.

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