Project underway to revitalize Ironton Riverfront

Revitalization projects underway in Ironton, Ohio
Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 3:51 PM EST
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IRONTON, Ohio (WSAZ) - The city of Ironton has major development projects in the works with the goal of revitalizing the area.

The projects include paving the roadways and a makeover to the riverfront to make it an attraction in our region.

Among several projects in the works, Ironton Mayor Sam Cramblit says they’re making progress in repaving the city, and one of five projects is now done.

“We anticipate we will have two to four completed by next summer, potentially five,” Cramblit said. “Some of these are grant funded, and when they’re grant funded they take a little bit longer than others.”

A big project on the list is making the Ironton Riverfront an attraction.

It generates no revenue now and isn’t much of a destination to stop and hang out.

Cramblit has renderings of what the future product may look like.

“We have put together a project that will include a riverfront food and beer garden for people to come visit and get a good look at the Ironton-Russell Bridge,” Cramblit said.

The idea is still in the works and subject to change. Cramblit hopes the Ironton Riverfront will give people across the region a place to bring their families, as well as an incentive for a younger demographic to keep coming back.

“I as someone who did move away for college and then travel for work, I thought, what could we do here in the community to make it more attractive to young working class citizens,” he said.

The vision for the riverfront is expected to come to life by the end of next summer.

Cramblit says there will also be a road project next year to create a roundabout at the state Route 93/US 52 intersection.

He says it’s currently in the top 50 most dangerous intersections in the state.

The roundabout will hopefully cut down the number of crashes in that area.