‘I would’ve died’: Woman says UPS driver saved her life after she fell into a creek

A Wisconsin woman credits a UPS driver with saving her life after she fell into a creek last week and couldn’t stand up. (Source: WMTV)
Published: Feb. 1, 2023 at 10:34 PM EST
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UNION CENTER, Wis. (WMTV/Gray News) - A woman in Wisconsin says a delivery driver helped save her life after she fell into a creek and couldn’t stand up.

WMTV reports 76-year-old Mariann Rott was taking the trash out last week when she lost her balance and fell into her backyard creek.

Mariann Rott said she crawled out of the creek but ended up spending 45 minutes stuck in snow and ice with her legs going numb and clothes dripping wet.

The 76-year-old said she then heard a delivery truck coming to her house and started screaming for help. That’s when UPS driver Patrick Shore heard her when he was dropping off a package.

According to Shore, he ran to help the woman, but she couldn’t stand up. So, he carried her to the garage, wrapped her in blankets, and waited for first responders after her husband, Randy Rott, called 911.

“I could see the look in her eyes, she was in a desperate mode,” Shore said. “She needed some help and fortunately I was there to give that. Right time, right place.”

The woman’s husband was reportedly inside the home but couldn’t hear his wife’s calls for help.

“I was so thankful he [Shore] came when he did,” Mariann said. “I would’ve been dead. I would’ve died right then and there.”

Shore said he has worked for UPS for 40 years and has spent most of his career at the Lake Delton Center.

The delivery driver might not be used to carrying a human, but he said he is in charge of safety instruction during the crew’s morning meetings. He credited the training with being able to jump into action so quickly.

Shore said a UPS driver serves the community beyond package delivery and that he and Mariann Rott would stay in touch.

“She’s not just a customer, now she’s a friend,” Shore said.

According to Mariann Rott, she was hospitalized for hypothermia after the incident but was able to be released after her body temperature normalized.

Mariann Rott said her knees ended up being scratched in the incident and were in pain, but they are healing.

The Rott couple said they have since purchased a mobile help device that can alert emergency services if help is needed. One of their sons lives nearby and said he would take over garbage duty.

According to UPS, this wasn’t the first time Shore has saved someone’s life while on the job. He previously rescued a man whose car went over a bridge. Shore was able to spot the car because of his high position while in his delivery truck.