First Warning Forecast | Pleasant Moments Today

Flood Watches Back In Effect Tonight.
Published: Mar. 22, 2023 at 6:39 PM EDT|Updated: Mar. 23, 2023 at 1:05 PM EDT
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Just like we’ve snuck in a few snippets of sunshine, we’re also tracking a stray shower or two, mainly in the north. Expect high temperatures to push well into the 70s under the wings of a southerly breeze. Dashboard thermometers should show 80° given those sunnier spots. Meanwhile, a soaking rain will be bothering folks to our north along I-70 and I-80 in central Ohio. We’ll be holding off that reality for as long as we can today, but starting tonight those showers will be slowly sagging southward into our region. To give an idea of the kind of rain we’re talking about, flood watches are set to go into effect tonight and continue through to Saturday morning.

We’ll be tracking a narrow frontal zone that will slide in and stall out over our area just north of I-64 on Friday. Those who stay in that zone the longest will end up with 1″- 3″ of rain before this thing finally kicks out on Saturday, but there will be times folks in the north and in the south won’t be seeing the rain. The combination of the southerly winds overrunning from the south and the northerly breezes undercutting from the north will not only aid in wringing out the rain but will also create some pretty stark temperature variation. The northern counties will be sinking into the 40s later Friday, while southern counties that manage to stave off the rain can make it all the way to the 70s. These showers will continue, heaviest within this narrow zone, into Saturday. This zone will waft north and south slightly enough so as to be difficult to pin down, but currently the expectation is that folks north of I-64 into Ohio will be the ones looking at the heaviest rain, as well as folks downriver out of our area to the west. Saturday morning sees one last round of rain and rumbles swing through, followed by a moment of sunshine and temperatures spiking back into the 70s.

Though the air typically nose-dives behind these front, it’ll be nice to see actual ‘spring’ weather come to the forefront. We will dip down into the upper 30s Sunday morning, but yet still make it to the 60s in the afternoon Sun. Our next system will then hold off until Tuesday afternoon, bringing mainly rain though a few mountain snow showers early Wednesday as we get briefly colder too.