Deputies charge convicted offender in sexual assault investigation

Published: Mar. 23, 2023 at 7:38 PM EDT
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JACKSON COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Aster Miller is facing charges of two counts of sexual assault for two separate incidents. The Jackson County Sheriff said this is not the first time.

These types of individuals, they offer no real redeeming qualities to society and if given the opportunity they will re-offend,” said Sheriff Ross Mellinger. “They are looking for individuals who they can take advantage of and prey upon who can’t fight back.”

The details from the criminal complaint are too disturbing to share from crimes that allegedly happened about a year ago.

Miller is already a registered sex offender convicted of first-degree sexual assault in West Virginia in 1996.

“The incident back in the 90s was a 5-year-old female, 5 or under, and this was an adult female with significant learning disabilities,” Mellinger said.

Mellinger said the incidents Miller was convicted for in 1996 and the charges he faces after the arrest earlier this week are not connected. Both are separate cases and involve different victims.

“These types of individuals cannot and will not be rehabilitated, if you put them in an environment to fail they will fail over and over,” Mellinger said.

The criminal complaint said Miller confessed to the crimes, and Mellinger said that is when he was taken into custody.

Mellinger said he wants lawmakers to look at increasing penalties for repeat sex offenders.

“Will continue to re-offend, will continue to prey upon people that become easy targets. Those are the types of folks that I think the Legislature can really benefit the state of West Virginia by trying to enhance these sentencing guidelines,” Mellinger said.

According to criminal complaint, a relative of the victim said they reported the crimes to the West Virginia State Police about a year ago but never heard back from anyone. The relative also says they followed up with State Police and no report could be found.

WSAZ has reached out to State Police to ask about the relative’s claims and if the report was made.

Mellinger said the investigation is ongoing and additional charges could be filed.

WSAZ will continue to follow up on the story and provide updates if there are more charges filed or additional information released from State Police.