Saturday windstorm incoming

Heads up for another siege of high winds
Breezy conditions
Breezy conditions(Source: KFVS/Jordin Wyatt)
Published: Mar. 30, 2023 at 9:41 PM EDT
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - While the month of March is known as the “windiest” of them all, this year the mythical Lion has roared more than his fair share. Take the first and third Friday-Saturdays of the month when tornado watches and “day-long lasting” high winds gave us the impression we were living in the Windiest City of them all, Chicago! (Editor’s note: Chicago earned its windswept reputation not just from the weather but also from the bluster of its politicians).

Now comes word of a repeat Saturday performance of last week’s swirling shenanigans. You might say the Lion is set to roar up another windstorm. Here’s the chaotic set-up.

The week began in the chilled air of early spring with three straight frosted mornings topped off by moderate afternoons in the sun. Highs did make 60 on Thursday, just barely, but in the direct rays of Ol Sol it felt nice in the absence of wind. The last of March sun is now as potent as that near Labor Day when we are still wearing sunblock to protect from sunburn!

As a deep storm system marches its way onto the High Plains, having swirled through San Fran and Northern Cal on Wednesday then snowing on the Rockies on Thursday, it will place a 10-state area through the heart of tornado alley on alert for destructive windstorms on Friday. Some of those storms will be straight line, while others will be circular. For our area, a Friday with waves of gusty showers will cross the region.

Now talk to folks who suffer from arthritis or an implant about how painful it was last Saturday as the rapidly falling pressure which caused the flaring of aches and pains sent many to the medicine cabinet.

Turns out that plummeting barometer will also be the culprit for our strong winds.

Since the main event on Saturday will feature a daylong howl of the west wind, another round of power outs is likely when winds gust to 40, 50 and in a few locations perhaps 55+ miles per hour. The one consolation ... that will come on April not March’s turf … too bad it is not just an April Fool’s joke!