‘I started praying’: Plane lands safely after losing one engine mid-air

A plane landed was able to land safely after losing an engine mid-air Tuesday afternoon in Hawaii. (Source: KHNL)
Published: May. 5, 2023 at 8:59 PM EDT
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HONOLULU (KHNL/Gray News) - Passengers say they prayed for their lives after a flight they were on lost an engine mid-air Tuesday afternoon.

KHNL reports passengers on an interisland flight from Molokai heard a loud boom a few minutes after takeoff.

“Like an explosion. It was really loud,” said Iolani Kuoha, a middle school vice principal who was escorting children on their way to a conference. “I didn’t want to freak out. I didn’t want to stress out the students. So, I tried to be as calm as I could.”

Kuoha said she texted her daughter mid-air to tell her to please pray for her.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ I started praying. I was very shocked and worried,” said Ōlelo Hamakua-Poepoe, Kuoha’s daughter.

The Mokulele plane was a Saab 340 twin-engine turboprop that was brought to Hawaii last year by Southern Airways Express. Despite the engine failure, it flew for more than 20 minutes before landing safely in Honolulu.

“With one propeller going. It was scary,” Kuoha said. “I did a prayer and asked for us to get there safely.”

According to Mokulele, the plane is being inspected along with what caused the engine failure.

The company also said all passengers will be getting a $400 credit and a full refund for their flight.