Meigs County Commissioners vote to open London Pool

Meigs County Commissioners vote to open London Pool
Published: May. 22, 2023 at 7:25 PM EDT
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SYRACUSE, Ohio. (WSAZ) - After several meeting and discussions about London Pool’s availability this summer, many residents of Syracuse feared its doors would remain closed. Meigs County Commissioners had previously chosen to not open the pool and cited the pool’s financial struggles and pending litigation as reasons why.

Commissioner Jimmy Will says that has changed and commissioners have voted to open the pool.

“The county had a certificate of deposit, or a few set amount of monies that we have invested and we renewed those at a higher rate,” Will said.

This allows Meigs County to pay for the $50,000 operational cost and open London Pool.

“I am really excited for it. I think the pool brings a lot of positive activities. We do swimming lessons every year for little kids. It’s just a good atmosphere and a good place for kids to hang out and good summer fun,” Will said.

Meigs County resident Betty Kiser-Hoschar has remained a prominent voice in favor of opening the pool. She says she was overcome with excitement when she heard that commissioners had changed their mind. Will says they will need to hire about eight to 12 lifeguards. Kiser-Hoschar hopes that young people will take advantage of the opportunity to work at the pool.

“If we have ones that are already trained and already certified, that is what we need to get the pool going. We can’t do anything without them,” Kiser-Hoschar said.

Will says they expect to open the pool in mid-June.