Holiday weekend forecast

Two up days and one downer
Published: May. 26, 2023 at 6:53 PM EDT
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -The unofficial start to summer has arrived and< go figure, a southern storm prominently is factored into our weather! In a nutshell, Saturday will be fine, Monday should turn out OK but Sunday is looking like an indoorsy type day as rains arrive from the south. In addition, the Sunday has some quirks since the wet weather will vary in duration and intensity from several hours with heavy rain to just a few sprinkles depending on where you live. Trying to figure out when it will rain, how hard and how long then will be a site to site forecast dilemma.

Tonight, a pleasant evening for concerts and ball games (LL and professional) will be followed by a fair sky and cool night. Low 52. Saturday an increased cloud cover will make for a hazy complexion to the sky. Dry weather is a good thing! High 75 after the Grayson parade to celebrate Memory Days and during the afternoon session at the Vandalia Gathering in Charleston.

While we enjoy a nice Saturday, at Myrtle Beach a wind whipped rain will come in off the ocean and will make for plenty of indoor gatherings for vacationers. By Sunday, the rain from that east coast storm will arrive in a rather chaotic fashion locally with areas of rain, some heavy, passing through the region. Given an overall easterly wind flow, the nature of the rain will be hard to predict until the echoes show up on radar. Along and south of I-64 plan on several indoors hours while north of the interstate by 30,40,50 miles the weather may trend just cloudy with a sporadic shower. Temperatures will be in the 60s on Sunday. Given the 4pm Oak Hill Ohio parade is well north of I-64, the weather should be more a nuisance than hindrance as far as rain goes.

Monday skies will go back to partly cloudy and hazy with a leftover shower risk the worst we would see for thew Ironton parade (the longest continuously running Memorial Day in America.) Highs are back into the 70s by then.