First Warning Forecast | High Heat Leaves, Humidity Stays

Still Fighting Off Stray Showers.
First Warning Forecast
Published: Sep. 7, 2023 at 9:05 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 8, 2023 at 9:19 AM EDT
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - The morning fog lifted into more of a diffuse smattering of low clouds, themselves slow to permit the sunshine, but not a lot of rain, which ended up being key. Temperatures are much more slowly moving through the 60s and 70s this time, but that sunshine will certainly speed things up once it appears overhead where you’re at. Look for afternoon temperatures to peak in the low to mid 80s, but as far as the showers go not everyone’s going to see them today. Before you ‘expect’ that to be you, I would caution to have at least some answer for rain if you’re getting out there for a few hours in a row (thinking festivals or football games, etc). I will say the mountain counties stand a greater risk for showers and storms to get hung-up overhead. This can cause a flooding concern should any lingering or training occur. We’ll see most football games get in rain-free this evening as well, but I won’t be surprised to get a few unlucky folks given this humidity. Look for temperatures to glide back through the 70s tonight, bottoming out in the lower 60s Saturday morning.

Much like the last pattern we were in was slow to move once it arrived (causing our longest Heat Wave of the year), so too will the pattern that replaced it eventually overstay its welcome. Instead of sweeping out to sea off the east coast, this zone of humidity only retrenches, forcing us back into clouds both Saturday and Sunday as well as area-wide risks for rain and rumbles. There’ll be hits and misses, and most hours will still end up rain-free-- it’s just guaranteeing your outdoor activities will end up dry will be quite difficult. Take solace in the fact that we do need the rain for the foliage season, and at least the heat is kept at-bay. Monday and Tuesday should be easier in that regard, though despite more and more sunshine in the mix we still can’t rule out a stray shower popping up in the heat of the afternoon. Wednesday looks to finally bring all this to a head, as a bonafide storm system swings through, wrings out the humidity overhead (rain for all), then exits to allow some noticeably cooler air to finish out the next week.