Preschool learning taking a new turn

Takes to the streets and brings early childhood education straight to the community
Preschool learning has taken a new turn in Floyd County, Ky.
Published: Oct. 2, 2023 at 7:32 PM EDT
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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) - An undecorated bus was sitting at the Floyd County School District Board of Education, waiting for screaming kids to climb aboard, but that day won’t happen for a while.

Floyd County Schools is in the process of getting their Preschool Classroom on Wheels up and running. The goal: get early childhood education to the community.

Kim Grubb, Chief Early Childhood Education Officer with Floyd County Schools, said “we’re looking at an initiative to close the school readiness gap, because we have lots of families that have young children that may not be enrolled in a structured setting such as head-start preschool or child care.”

Jessica Kiser, Early Childhood Education Consultant, will be a teacher and a driver on the bus once it is up and running.

“Everybody thought it was the coolest thing ever to drive this bus,” Kiser said.

Kiser said having this program is important for kids.

“They’re also getting the biggest aspect of head-start preschool, which is our social skills and working with others and just being able to be a part of a classroom ... where you’re going to find an area for large group and you’re going to find an area for dramatic play, blocks, fine motor and then you’re also going to find a library center. Just a little touch of what a classroom is like -- it gives them the little experience they wouldn’t get unless we have this preschool classroom on wheels,” Kiser said.

It is a no-cost program for kids, and the goal is to have a soft launch in spring of 2024. They said there will also be a schedule posted online of where they will be in the community.

The district said they have a new STEM bus on the way, as well. Their old one was destroyed in a fire, but their new one is an identical one to their Preschool on Wheels but will be a little more high tech.