Thanksgiving dinner will be cheaper this year, thanks to turkeys

FILE - Your Thanksgiving meal will cost less this year, experts say.
Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 10:58 AM EST
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(CNN) - Paying for Thanksgiving dinner won’t be as painful this year as it was in years past.

It is getting less expensive, thanks to lower turkey prices and cooling inflation

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, a Thanksgiving meal of 12 classic items for 10 people will cost $61.17 on average. That is a 4.5% drop from last year’s record-high average of $64.05; however, it is still up 25% from 2019.

The cheaper Thanksgiving meal this year is due in large part to the falling prices of the most expensive item on the plate, the turkey itself.

A 16-pound turkey costs $27.35 on average, down more than 5.5% from last year, and the American Farm Bureau Federation said the prices of turkeys are expected to drop even further.