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Drew Narsutis is the meteorologist for First Look at Four, the 5:30 Edition, and the 10 O'Clock News on the Tri-State's CW.

Drew is the newest addition to the News Channel 3 First Warning Weather Team. Joining in April 2019, Drew is excited to merge his brand of stunning imagery with the trusted expert weather forecasting that is known of WSAZ.

He grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago and earned his Bachelor of Science in Meteorology with a focus on forecasting and communication from Penn State.

Prior to working with the WSAZ team, Drew was the morning meteorologist at KCWY in Casper, Wyoming for two years and spent a summer interning with Tom Skilling at WGN in Chicago.

Living in the upper Midwest, Drew has seen his share of extreme hot and cold weather events. From tornadoes in the summer to blizzards in the winter, he’s never met a meteorological phenomenon that hasn’t intrigued him.

Senior year of college he envisioned a new way to capture the beauty of these events and bring them to his viewer’s households with the introduction of his drone. These aerial views provided the audience visuals of Wyoming’s spectacular weather from wildfires to severe thunderstorms.

Outside work, you can find Drew hiking, fishing, and enjoying various other outdoor activities. He’s a fan of Japanese culture (especially the food) and is conversant in the Japanese language thanks to a summer attending high school in Osaka, Japan.

Most importantly, Drew is excited to see what weather lies ahead in West Virginia and bringing them to viewers like you. So get ready to fly!

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