2 Scioto Co. men accused of issuing false gun training permits, providing inadequate training

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SCIOTO COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) – Two men from Scioto County are accused of issuing false firearms training permits and providing inadequate training to people seeking concealed carry permits, the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office says.

Jerry R. Hayes, 36, of Lucasville, and Jake E. Buckler, 26, of Portsmouth, both face several charges. Hayes was indicted on 25 counts of falsification regarding concealed carry permit training by a Scioto County grand jury, while Buckler faces eight of those same charges.

Investigators say Hayes was selling training certificates for $50 to $75 each and spending only a few minutes in a parking lot with some students. They say some other students received a few hours with some instruction and/or live shooting.

According to the sheriff’s office, Buckler was obtaining training certificates from Hayes and selling them at his place of employment.

As a result of the investigation, 27 concealed carry permits have been revoked, six applications denied and numerous unused bad training certificates have been identified as the investigation continues.

Chief Deputy Todd Miller advises people who are thinking of taking an Ohio concealed carry class to ask questions and know where their money’s going.

According to the sheriff’ office, Ohio law requires that each class be a minimum of eight hours long. The class must contain six hours of classroom instruction regarding all aspects of Ohio’s concealed carry laws, two hours of handling the weapon and identifying weapon parts to include shooting the weapon. The class must also have an exam at the conclusion of the training.

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