2 women arrested on child abuse charges in eastern Ky.

Kylene Anderson and Betty Maynard both face charges of first-degree criminal abuse of a child.
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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) -- The Pikeville Police Department arrested two women after they said they found a toddler covered in bruises, Gray Television affiliate WYMT reports.

Two women were arrested Sunday on charges of first-degree criminal abuse of a child (12 and under) in Pikeville.

According to their arrest citations, Betty Maynard and Kylene Anderson "severely physically abused" a 2-year-old. Police said the toddler had "very dark bruises on their face, arms, legs, and buttocks," some of which were believed to be the result of being spanked with a wooden paddle or by hand.

The child was also found to be "very hungry." When brought down to the station, according to police, they "ate so much, so fast, that they threw up."

Police said a third adult lived in the house with the toddler. As of this time, we do not know if an arrest warrant has been issued for him.

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