AED awareness from WSAZ investigation saves man's life

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LINCOLN COUNTY, W.Va., (WSAZ) — A man is recovering after collapsing from a cardiac arrest Tuesday at a softball game.

It happened at Lincoln County High School. Witnesses say it was a parent who collapsed just before the game started. They say he was resuscitated by an AED.

School officials say that AED was bought after an 8-year-old boy in the county died last year while playing soccer.

WSAZ has covered several stories related to Caleb Ray’s death, including his family raising money to buy AEDs for local fields.
A WSAZ investigation in August 2018 revealed that the life saving devices are not required on sports fields in West Virginia.

“It's hard to comprehend sometimes the big impact that it has made,” said Caleb’s mom, Kristy. “It has made it all worth it.”

Part of that impact is now saving at least two lives in the last year. One was saved after a mom in Ironton saw WSAZ’s stories with Kristy and raised money for AEDs for her children’s local leagues.

“That was our hope,” said Ray. “I did not think that in less than a year, we would see a result like we have. It really blows my mind.”

Ray says it’s been emotional to do all the work and share the story so many times, but she doesn’t want other families to go through the heartache her family has.

“So to actually hear when there are lives saved because of it, all the work all the tears, all the nights up and all the grief it just makes it all worth it to know that there's lives being saved.”

Ray has started the Live Like Caleb foundation on Facebook to help raise money to buy more AEDs.

The man is said to be in good condition at the hospital.