AFT teacher union releases survey results on education reform in W.Va.

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- AFT-West Virginia, a teacher union, held a news conference Wednesday morning to share the results of a survey they conducted on education reform.

There were about 1,000 people who took the survey, and anyone was allowed to take it. There were seven questions and the last one asked the surveyors to identify themselves, and 75 percent said they were teachers.

The results of the survey are listed below :

Question 1: How can policymakers empower ad support individual school staff to improve student achievement?

29 percent said less focus on standardized tests
24 percent said collaboration time
19 percent said reduced paperwork
17 percent said professional development
11 percent said PLC (Professional Learning Community)

Question 2: What resources do education employees need to help improve student achievement?

25 percent said increased support personnel
19 percent said supplies
19 percent said technology maintenance/repair
16 percent said technology availability
13 percent said more funding for low enrollment counties
8 percent said facilities maintenance/repairs

Question 3: What changes in the school system would enable students to reach maximum potential?

31 percent said smaller class size
21 percent said less testing
16 percent said more educator control over curriculum
13 percent said earlier access to vocational classes
8 percent said more counselors
5 percent said more social workers
3 percent said more nurses
3 percent said more resource officers

Question 4: In the past year, how often have you witnessed student behavior that would likely be improved through wraparound services (expanded physical, mental and emotional health services, family support services, etc)?

54 percent said every school day
35 percent said frequently
10 percent said not very often
1 percent said never

Question 5: What resources do parents/ guardians need to help facilitate their child's success?

35 percent said family counseling/ drug treatment programs
31 percent said after school training
18 percent said before and after school childcare programs
16 percent said access to computer labs and libraries after school

Question 6: What factor is most important in attracting and retaining qualified, certified teachers and service personnel?

38 percent said affordable health care
31 percent said competitive salaries
12 percent said seniority and other job protections
7 percent said tuition assistance and/or student loan forgiveness
6 percent said retirement
6 percent said other benefits

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