Caught on camera | ATV driver crashes into covered bridge

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GREENUP COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) -- People are furious over what they call an act of disrespect on a source of community pride.

An ATV driver was caught on camera causing damage to the historic Bennett's Mill Bridge in Greenup County, Kentucky, that won't be easy to repair.

Neighbors have taken great lengths to maintain the historic Bennett's Mill Bridge in Greenup County.

William Secrest is the great-great-grandson of the man who built it in 1855. He says some of the wood used to restore the bridge years ago came from Oregon.

"This isn't something you just run out to Lowe's and buy," he said.

They'd put in surveillance cameras to try to catch people painting graffiti.

A little after midnight Saturday, the cameras recorded a man crashing what's believed to be a Polaris Ranger ATV into the corner of the bridge.

The ATV's passenger door and roof were knocked off in the crash. The man left the scene without reporting the accident, leaving behind what's believed to be more than $600 worth of damage.

"I'm really ticked to use a suitable word," Secrest said.

Frances Roberts lives next to the covered bridge.

"It just crushes you," she said. "You're mad. You think how could anybody take anything this beautiful with such a history and destroy it because you're not driving correctly?"

Secrest is putting up a $300 reward to anyone who can identify the man responsible.

State Police have a copy of the surveillance video and are investigating.