Animal advocates trap, vet, alter, and release feral cats in Cabell County problem areas

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ)- Animal advocates are hoping to slow down the mass population of feral cats in the Cabell County area with one minor surgery at a time.

Volunteers with the One By One Animal Advocates group spent their Saturday trapping, altering, and releasing nearly 50 cats.

The organization partnered with veterinarians Dr. Mike Dyer and Dr. Amber Mullins at Proctorville Animal Clinic in Ohio.

The trapped cats are part of a fast growing cat colony in Cabell County.

The group says their mission is to slow the population of feral cats and ensure that any feral cat in the area is healthy and has proper shots.

"Trapping, vetting, altering and returning these cats is a huge undertaking, and it truly has been a team effort," Atkins said. "One By One's volunteers have been instrumental in coordinating the logistics, and we certainly couldn't do any of this without the kindness and willingness of our partner vets. The community has also shown an outpouring of support with financial donations, as well as food and other supplies needed to care for these cats."

The group says they run completely off donations from supporters of their work.

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