Another rabid raccoon found in Monongalia County after fight with family's dog

Published: May. 26, 2019 at 9:18 AM EDT
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Another raccoon tested positive for rabies in Monongalia County after getting into a fight with a family's dog, according to a press release from the Health Department.

It's the fourth reported encounter with dogs and rabid raccoons in the county this year, health officials said.

The dog involved in the most recent incident was up to date on its rabies shots and has been revaccinated, according to Jon W. Welch, program manager of the Monongalia County Health Department Environmental Health.

Health officials said the dog injured the raccoon during the fight on Monday and injured it. An animal removal service collected the raccoon. It later died and tested for rabies. Those results came back positive on Thursday.

The people the dog came in contact with after the incident have begun rabies prophylaxis treatment, according to a press release.

Dr. Lee B. Smith, the health department's executive director, said residents need to make sure their pets are up to date on rabies vaccines.

“Rabies is present in wildlife throughout West Virginia,” Smith said. “Skunks, foxes, raccoons and bats are known to carry the virus. People are encouraged to keep their pets vaccinated and on leashes.”