Beating the heat at youth football camp

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) -- In the middle of summer, some kids are already gearing up for fall.

A young athlete gets a drink during a water break at Rock Hill's youth football camp.

About 50 kids from kindergarten through eighth grade are taking part in a youth football camp at Rock Hill in what no one would mistake as ideal football weather.

Rock Hill High School Head Coach Mark Lutz kicked off the camp Thursday by making sure the young athletes understood not to take the heat lightly.

He told the kids to make sure an adult knew if they weren't feeling well, and they would be taken inside where it was air conditioned.

Coach Lutz says water breaks are held every 10 minutes. A misting fan is set up by a field goal post to help kids cool off.

The coach says it's a far cry from his playing days when safety was less of a priority.

"Back then, if you started showing signs of weakness, if the heat was bothering you, they'd call you a wimp or thought you were trying to skip out on stuff," Lutz, who graduated in 1989, said. "Now you've got to take everything seriously with heat stroke and heat illness and everything that goes along with it."