Boone County woman arrested on alleged child neglect charges

Kayla White, who's from Boone County, West Virginia, was arrested Sunday on child neglect charges.

BOONE COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A Boone County woman was arrested on child neglect charges on Sunday.

Kayla White, 28, of Hewitt, was charged with child neglect creating substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury.

According to the criminal complaint, police officers responded to Berry Plaza Apartments. White answered the door with a child in her arms, and was allegedly speaking erratically and did not have full control of the child.

When they entered the apartment, officers said there was a strong odor of rotting trash and soiled clothing. White gave the 2-year-old child to a family member, and they left while police were still in the home.

The criminal complaint states that in a "brief search" of the home, officers found a pink plate with a syringe, a tube of Fixodent, a plastic pipe burned on one end, two spoons, and a small bag containing a white powder. White allegedly told officers that the white powder in the bag was was meth.

Officers also found old garbage, rotting food, live mousetraps, and no working water in the home.