Burglars break into Huntington church twice this week

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- The same church in Huntington has been victimized by burglars twice this week.

A safe was the most recent item taken from Emmanuel Community Church, sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. The value of the contents inside were, at the most, $15 of loose change -- contributions to the Wednesday night’s children’s church.

"It was a moveable safe,” said Michael Young, an elder at the church. “I picked it up and brought it in here, but you couldn't have gone far with it."

Young pointed out some of the other damage done by the burglars to both door jambs and locks.

Emmanuel Community Church is located on 28th Street near Roby Road on the city's east side and has about 40 members in attendance every Sunday morning.

Earlier in the week, someone stole an iPad and laptop from the pastor's office, along with a desktop downstairs.

Young said it's a little frustrating to be hit twice in quick succession.

"Just one of those things where if somebody would have asked, as a church, we would have rallied together and helped them,” he said. “There was no real need to have to resort to stealing."

So the church is resorting to more security measures. They are covering a broken window with plywood, rekeying some of the locks and will be providing fewer members with keys. The church will also likely be installing security cameras with remote monitoring.

It’s not what leaders would like to spend their money on. But with losses amounting to about $1,500, they say they have little choice.

But in the end, Young said they'll be fine and these crimes are no surprise.

"The world we're in, that's why we're here as a church to try and make a difference."

Emmanuel Community doesn't keep Sunday morning offerings onsite. The pastor takes them every Sunday afternoon.

But that $1,500 replacement cost is no small thing to this church either. Young said that's about two monthly building payments.

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