COVID-19 restrictions keeping couple of 40 years apart

Published: May. 10, 2020 at 9:01 PM EDT
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State officials are rolling in the next step of reopening the state Wednesday, allowing patients at hospitals and some healthcare facilities to have one visitor at the facilities' discretion.

"I've been over there twice, I might have even offered them a bribe to let me in but that didn't work either," said Harold Spurlock.

Spurlock's wife Carol went to St. Joseph's Hospital at the beginning of May with what doctors thought were complications from a seizure.

"Then they discovered that there was something else, I think they finally decided it was a stroke."

Carol Spurlock has stayed in the hospital without any contact from loved ones since then due to restrictions from COVID-19. Harold Spurlock called WKYT most days of the last week asking when restrictions can be changed so he will be able to see his wife again.

"We never wanted to separate people from their loved ones," Dr. Steven Stack began. "It was all a safety measure but that will change Wednesday."

Wednesday is when state officials are lifting that restriction, allowing one visitor per patient at the hospital or medical facility's discretion.

Spurlock said while he's followed the Governor closely and agrees with his decision, it's been a hard time for him to not see Carol.

"I'm very sad and I'm sad for people. Today's Mother's Day and they can't get in to see their loved ones. I miss you, you're breaking my heart," Spurlock said.

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