Cabell County Board of Education votes to hire school security guards

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CABELL COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- The Cabell County Board of Education moved forward Tuesday night with measures to make the schools safer.

School officials say 12 locations in the district will now have a security guard.

The addition of the security guard is to make sure school visitors go straight to the office, in schools where the entrances are not more secure, and to discourage intruders from entering the schools.

Guards will work normal school hours, but the board says it will discuss extending their hours to also watch the school during extracurricular and after-school activities.

"We feel that providing security guards in our schools that don't yet have man traps installed is adding an additional layer of protection and of security to give parents and our community a peace of mind that we have all hands on deck to make sure that our students and our staff are safe everyday in Cabell County," Cabell County Superintendent Ryan Saxe said.

School guards require background checks and extensive training.

School officials are still working out details about when the security guards will start.

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