Cabell County EMS prepares ambulances for COVID-19 response team

Cabell Co. EMS volunteers prepare an ambulance for transport of potential COVID-19 patients.
Cabell Co. EMS volunteers prepare an ambulance for transport of potential COVID-19 patients.(WSAZ)
Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 5:09 PM EDT
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More than 20 first responders from Cabell County volunteered to be a part of the Cabell County EMS COVID-19 response team.

Many of them selflessly putting themselves directly in harms way when coming in contact with a potential COVID-19 patient.

"I truly believe if you're going to be part of the solution, you've got to be part of the process," said Kasey McClure, Cabell Co. EMS paramedic. "So in order for those people who need help, somebody has to be willing to help them.

Crews are preparing their ambulances to safely transport suspected or confirmed Coronavirus patients.

"We don't want anybody to get sick or anyone to go down as you mentioned earlier so preparedness is the best way and practice makes perfect," said Marsha Knight, Director of Education.

The team is using plastic covers and tape to seal off select areas, separating the driver from the patient and testing the air filtration system.

"Bringing a change of clothes to work, so that way when we're done with our shift we can bag up our clothes," said McClure. "We do have washers and dryers at our station so we can actually do a load of laundry."

McClure says it's inspiring to see so many individuals support one another during a public health crisis, looking out for neighbors and lending a hand.

"It's a warm feeling to see people just being a person, and be human," said McClure.

First responders want you to know they may be dressed a little differently, but you can count on them to care for you in a time of need.

"We will respond to any citizen that needs us," said Knight. "We just want them to know that we are there for them and we will always be there for them."

Keeping those in the drivers seat of emergency response, protected from the threat of COVID-19.

Workers also practiced the proper taking on and off of personal protective equipment.