Cabell Midland pays tribute to Alex Miller at game

ONA, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Friday night marked an emotional return to the gridiron a week after the tragic death of Roane County High School player Alex Miller. Click here for more.

Cabell Midland's football team wore decals on their helmets as a tribute to Alex Miller.

High schools all across the state and beyond have shown support to the Miller family all week.

Cabell Midland's players wore decals with Alex's number, 80, and the Roane logo.

Parents had special shirts made at Hometown Sportswear with the Roane logo and the number 80 in a heart with wings around it. The shirts were sold at the stadium with proceeds going to the Miller family.

"We want to just provide a little bit of comfort," Midland parent Clara Wilson said. "Hopefully we show them we're there for them, we're thinking of them, and we're praying for them."

"Nothing is going to relieve it," Midland parent Leigh Simmons said. "We wish we could do more, but it's important to get everyone involved."

"Every time a kid goes down on the field, you expect them to come up," Wilson said. "I cannot imagine how they felt."

Midland parents say people in Roane County reached out to them and thanked them and said they'd like to have some of the shirts.

Parents drove there Friday morning to deliver them.

"When we spoke with them today, it was obvious the amount of pain that's still there, and it's going to be there," Simmons said. "We wish we could take it away, but we can't."

Miller's funeral will be at 4 p.m. Saturday at Roane County High School. Instead of flowers, the family is requesting donations to go toward a scholarship fund.