UPDATE | Stolen camper returned

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- UPDATE 8/12/19 @ 11 p.m.
Last week a camper was stolen out of a driveway in Huntington, and Monday evening it was returned to its rightful owners.

A security camera caught two men stealing a camper from a driveway on the Southside of Huntington.

Tim and Connie Beaty had not expected to ever see it again.

"I expected it was gone when the police didn't find it that night," Tim said.

Last Saturday night, a security camera recorded two men pulling up outside the Beaty's house on the Southside of Huntington and stealing their camper.

"I figured it was up in the hills or across state lines," Tim said.

The owners hadn't gotten to use it much this summer. They've been busy taking care of their sick parents out of town.

Ona resident, Joe Pniewski, says he bought the camper last week, not knowing it had been stolen.

He says he went to a friend's house in Huntington and saw the camper. Another man told him he was trying to sell it.

Pniewski says he later saw the WSAZ story about the theft. He says Sunday he tracked down the home it had been stolen from and left a note with his name and phone number to let the owners know he'd be returning it.

"I just don't like thieves," Pniewski said. "I don't like liars. I don't like manipulators. It's sad. There's too much of that going on."

"After going through losing it and the dishonest people, to find an honest man that did the right thing, it warmed my heart honestly," Tim said.

"They saved their personal property and memories," Pniewski said. "It means a lot to me."

"Next summer hopefully my wife and I can spend some time and do some camping," Tim said.

Tim says he will be contacting police about filing charges against the thieves.

A married couple making sacrifices to take care of their loved ones was targeted by thieves.

A camper was stolen out of their driveway in Huntington, and the theft was caught on camera.

"Now we can't be happy campers, because we don't have a camper," Connie Reed Beaty said.

Beaty says she and her husband bought a used camper in May of 2018 and spent much of the following summer in it.

"It was just a nice outdoor adventure on weekends," she said.

This summer, the camper mostly sat unoccupied in the driveway of their home along 9th Avenue on the Southside of Huntington.

Beaty says she's spent a lot of time in Arkansas taking care of her sick mother, and her husband has been going out of town to take care of his sick mother.

"We're doing what we love because we love our moms," she said.

Around 11:15 Saturday night, a neighbor's security camera caught two men pulling up outside Beaty's home and hitching up the camper to a truck.

A neighbor says she saw the two men messing with the camper. The neighbor called Beaty to check if maybe they'd sold it, and the men were there to pick it up, and Beaty said that was not the case. The neighbor called police, but when officers arrived, the thieves were gone.

"I feel like someone stole my dreams," Beaty said. "I'm afraid it's going to be a meth lab. It probably already is."

Neighbor Rebecca Bryce says it's heartbreaking this happened to a sweet couple making sacrifices to take care of their loved ones.

"The sad part is Tim and Connie would probably let someone use the camper if they just asked," Bryce said. "It's really sad to hear this happened to them, especially at a time when they're both taking care of ailing parents."

"It just feels like people come and take and don't consider anybody's dreams or their heart or what that item means to someone else," Beaty said.

Beaty says she filed an insurance claim, but she's not sure whether they'll replace the camper.