Charleston City Council rallies for West Virginia Power

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 12:04 AM EST
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Charleston Mayor Amy Schuler Goodwin on Monday night donned her West Virginia Power gear to rally support for a team that some say helps rally the city's economy.

The "Toastman" himself, Rod Blackstone, the city's former assistant mayor who was largely involved in getting West Virginia Power Park built, current Power employee and official heckler of opposing team's players who sits behind home-plate yelling "You are Toast," came to talk to Charleston City Council Members.

The minor league team's future has been put into question by a recent proposal by Major League Baseball.

The proposal would slash the number of minor league teams by 25 percent. The list includes the Power.

Blackstone told council members the team infused nearly $3 million into local economy, provides 140 full- and part-time jobs and brings traffic and revenue into local businesses, along with helping to raise more than $200,000 for local nonprofits.

City leaders also issued a proclamation supporting the team.

"This is an important because this is the demonstration of support that this community is making in support of minor league baseball and the West Virginia Power in our community. This sends a very powerful message throughout the state of West Virginia, and we will be echoing this message beyond the city of Charleston," Blackstone said.