Charleston residents thankful to be safe after storm

Published: Jun. 25, 2019 at 4:01 PM EDT
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A sunny day following a rainy night would typically be called the calm after the storm, but Tuesday in Charleston was anything but relaxing.

Mayor Amy Goodwin visited the areas hardest hit. She spoke to residents on Sherwood Road, Hickory Road, Bridge Road, Ruffner Park and Greenbrier Street. Several residents were blocked into their neighborhood after massive trees fell on their street.

Residents, like Kourtney Kirk and Ethan Clark, spent the day cleaning up their yard. The couple was driving on Hickory Road when trees started to come down. "We kind of got trapped. One in front, one behind, another tree in front," Clark said.

With nowhere to go, Ethan grabbed their 3-year-old son and they ran into a stranger's home. "We were actually in the middle of the storm running while it was happening, power lines flying down, trees falling down," they said.

Kirk said the storm was traumatizing, and seeing the aftermath makes them feel lucky to be alive. Although their son was afraid, he knew he was in good hands. "He just said I'm his superhero, I saved his life. He said there was a big explosion and daddy came and saved me," the couple said.

Residents were happy to see the mayor on their street on Tuesday. They told WSAZ they hope they can get the large trees cleaned up and gain access to their roads. "Someone may need to get an ambulance or fire truck or something in here, so we need access," resident Jeff Joseck said.

Mayor Goodwin told WSAZ AEP called crews from out of town to Charleston to help with power restoration and broken power poles. City crews were out on Thursday picking up smaller debris, but the large trees had to remain on the road until AEP cleaned up the downed power lines nearby.