Child pays kindness forward after police find his stolen bike

Published: Jun. 24, 2019 at 6:03 PM EDT
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In the summertime, it's almost a given that you're going to see children riding their bikes.

Nine-year-old Jayven Hamilton spends every chance he gets to ride his bike around his Ashland neighborhood. He's proud of it. He won it on the last day of his third grade year at Crabbe Elementary for having perfect attendance all year.

"I was happy for getting that bike," said Jayven. But that happiness was replaced by sadness when someone stole the bike from his yard over the weekend.

"Me and my friends were riding bikes and I left mine outside because I forgot about it. The next day, my mom asked if I got my bike and I said no, and she said it got stolen."

Jayven's mom posted about the stolen bike on Facebook, and why it was important for her son.

"I worked every day to get it," said Jayven. "I tried my best to get up and go to school even if I was tired. I got up, took my shower, ate breakfast, and went to school."

The owners at Tri-State Pawn & Jewelry saw the post and reached out to Jayden's mom to tell her they wanted to buy Jayven a new bike.

"I don't know what was inside me," said Cher Kiser. "I just read the post and it said he had worked all year, had perfect attendance, and someone stole his bike and I thought, 'We have to get him another one.'"

Just hours after Jayven got home with the new bike, officers with the Ashland Police Department found his original bike and brought it back.

Now he had two bikes, but knew he only needed one.

"We were thinking about it and there wasn't really sense in keeping two bikes, so we gave my bike away," explained Jayven. "Some kids don't have enough money or time to get a new bike or something."

"Kindness breeds kindness," said Kiser. "I was hoping he would pay it forward, I didn't realize he was going to pay it forward that night. So that was a really cool gesture on his part."

Jayven now has his bike locked where no one can take it.

The police department is still investigating the bike theft.