City of Williamson holds parade for senior graduates

Published: Jun. 6, 2020 at 11:07 PM EDT
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Seniors from three different high schools attended a graduation parade hosted in Williamson. Belfry High School student, Kayla Smith, said her mom was just as excited as she was. Her mom made signs trying her best to make Smith feel special.

"She's been preparing for it for weeks now everyday she's like what do we got to get for it what vehicle are you taking," said Smith.

Smith said the parade made her feel a sense of closure for her last semester, she never thought high school would end this way.

"So when everybody comes together it makes you feel like okay there is a whole generation of these kids that watched this happen and felt the repercussion of all this," Smith.

Belfry went first, lead by the Belfry Fire Department. Then Mingo Central High School was next in line and Olivia Cox would hear her name announced as she drove by. Cox said although it has been a long road, her class will go down in history.

"There's been a lot of tears since March," said Cox.

Cox said it was a hard transition for her who was going to be in the school's play in her last semester.

"We were actually going to be doing the Wizard of Oz this year but it got canceled because of COVID-19 and I was going to be Dorthy," said Cox.

Last but not least, Tug Valley High School seniors like Kaylee Fitzpatrick would drive through. She said she has not been able to see her friends but she has spent a lot of time making memories with her family.

"We've been sitting around me and my aunt she comes over. We play UNO and we do Tik Toks," said Fitzpatrick.

City ensured social distancing guidelines during Saturday's parade.