UPDATE | County commissioner addresses issue of delayed garbage service

MASON COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- UPDATE 5/24/19 @ 3 p.m.
Neighbors in Leon in Mason County who complained about garbage piling up for nearly three weeks finally had their trash picked up, according to Mason County Commissioner Sam Nibert.

Nibert tells WSAZ the trash pickup company in question, E& L Inc, picked up garbage in the area Thursday.

Nibert says the company told him they've been having truck issues, which has been the cause of the delays in service.

Nibert says nobody affected by the delayed service reached out to the county commission. He says he wants residents to be open to call the commission if they have a complaint, and they will follow up.

He also recommends customers have their bills current.

Neighbors in one community are getting fed up with a smelly problem that keeps piling up.

People who live along Herdman Road in Leon in Mason County say inconsistent trash pickup has been a recurring problem for months.

They say it's been nearly three weeks since their garbage has been removed.

"We've got bags doubled up three times," James Livingston said. "It's really nasty. Animals get in it."

"The smell is horrible," Jessica Leach said. "It's pretty sad when you can't even sit outside on your porch."

"We've left messages and everything," Cassadiey Leach said. "This just needs to be taken care of because my kids ride the bus, and they have to stand by this nasty crap."

Neighbors say over the past few months there have been other long trash removal droughts.

WSAZ reached out to the company in question, E & L Inc. A machine said their voice mailbox was full.

"They said they're having problems with trucks, and they've been trying to get new ones," Livingston said.

Neighbors say they've reached out to other trash pickup services to see if they could switch to them, but they were told those companies don't pick up garbage on back roads like that one.